On Friday, December 11th 2009, Mariusz Pudzianowski, polish strongman with an impressive record of 6 european titles and 5 won world chmapionships, made his MMA debut at the "Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki", or short KSW.Pudzian, as Mariusz is called in Poland, was facing Marcin Najman, a professional boxer.There'sa good intro on both fighters on youtube, for … Disappointed weiterlesen

Poland #3

Ok, so yesterday I had BJJ training at 12:00 at Miroslaw Okninskis school (www.valetudo.pl).Again, because of the clubs training camp, which is taking place right now, there was no instructor. However, just as wednesday, there were good MMA guys at the gym so one of them led the training.After warmup we practiced the various mounts … Poland #3 weiterlesen

motivation, discipline and the power of the mind

On July 4th, the Shinergy[battle] summer '09 took place.The winner in the men's heavyweight division was my good friend Dominik.Now altough that's great, it's not the sportive aspect of winning a tournament I want to adress here. It's something completely different.You see, Dominik works in the IT sector. He's a last-level support guy, meaning he … motivation, discipline and the power of the mind weiterlesen