Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part XVII

Weighed in at 74.5kg in the morning. Already starting to lose weight, still a long way to go, though. Started my day with a crisp technique session at 8:30 in the morning. After I warmed up with three rounds of shadow sparring (nothing out of the ordinary,… movement only, straight punches only, punch/kick/punch combos), [Ronny] took me through another 14 two-minute rounds of padwork. Basically, what we did was technique drilling and working standard situations. Not a lot more to say here.

Weight-wise, things are going pretty well. Just before dinner, I was at 73.3kg. Dehydration hasn’t even started yet – guess I won’t have to do hardcore sauna-sessions this time.

On a negative note – I’m feeling sick. Had to leave university early and take a long, hot bath. Let’s hope I’ll be back on my feet tomorrow. Obviously, I’ll update you on that…

So long,

take care

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