Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part XVI

Today’s training wasn’t that much different from [yesterday’s], at least from a purely technical point of view. Again, I started with 5 rounds of shadow sparring, again I followed my standard progression to build up intensity over the course of the session:

  1. Steping only
  2. Straight punches only
  3. Punch/Kick/Punch combos
  4. Kick/Punch/Kick combos
  5. Put all the pieces together

Unlike yesterday, I didn’t work the heavy bag. Instead, [Chris] and I did 5 two-minute rounds of padwork each. Now when we’re doing padwork, even as the pad-holder we’re throwing all kinds of kicks and punches at the other guy, so five rounds of actively holding the pads probably account for two or three rounds of actual striking. Now usually I like to focus on a different aspect/concept/technique each rounds but today, I just sticked to one simple task: throw as many techniques as possible.

I made that decision due to the two following reasons:

  1. 5 days before the fight, I probably won’t learn anything new anyways. Now it’s all about practicing the stuff I’ve been doing so far. Since I did a lot of kickboxing in the past couple years, throwing combinations has become something of a second nature to me. Also, that’s what my gameplan really is: throw lots of combinations from the half-distance. Force the other guy to play a kickboxing match, not a TaekwonDo match.
  2. While up until now building up my [CV] really was essential, this should be taken care of by now. Whatever I don’t possess in terms of endurance right now, I surely won’t have at the EC. However, what I’m still troubled about is my weight – weigh-in is on friday and I’m still a couple kilos above my weight limit. Focussing on chain striking (at a moderate movement speed but high frequency) will deplete those glycogen storages, especially since I’m virtually on a no-carbs-except-for-those-from-veggies-diet.

After the technique work, I did another 5 three-minute rounds of rope skipping at a moderate-to-high pace. Went surprisingly well. Guess I really did my homework when it comes to CV conditioning. Obviously, this remains to be seen come sunday.

Tomorrow I have a padwork session scheduled with [Ronny] at 08:30. Thursday it’s most likely going to be extensive solo-training (shadow sparring, heavy bag, rope skipping,… maybe even the stationary bike).

Not much time left – stay tuned for the final days!

So long,

take care

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