Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part XVII

This is my last post before I leave the country tomorrow and head for the [Open Europen Taekwondo Championships 2012] in Wieliczka, Poland. Just weighed in at 73.3kg. Still 3.3kg to lose. Still got around 18 hours…

In [yesterday’s post] I mentioned I was feeling sick – just as I thought, I’m back on my feet. No problem. Couldn’t do the planned workout, though – just didn’t find any spare time, not even for a light run. Doesn’t matter, I’m fit enough.

Initially, our team consisted of 5 competitors. Now, it’s down to 3. Roman cancelled the whole thing because he’s injured, Thomas because his daughter is sick. What remains is Chris (semi-contact -70kg), Frank (semi-contact -76kg) and I (continuous sparring, -70kg). No point in crying over spilled milk, though.

Just packed my things and put my [mixed nut bars] (scroll down, you’ll find the recipe) into the oven – although they’re supposed to be pretty low-carb, I like to use them as peri-competition snack and for reloading after weigh-in. Those little bastards just give me a huge energy boost. Also, they just taste great.

Besides the nut bars, I’ll use apple juice (with mineral water), Belvita breakfast cookies and „The Edge“ by reflex nutrition. That combo worked great in the past and they say you should never change a running system (don’t agree on that, but that’s for a different post)…

Also, since we’re not going to going to compete until sunday, we can really take our time for the refill and enjoy Poland’s great cuisine. Nothing like dumplings with cottage cheese and potatoe for replenishing glycogen storages…

We’ll shoot quite a bit of video footage on the whole thing, so there’s some related posts due over the course of the next week – so be sure to check in again soon!

So long,

take care

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