Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part VI

Failed at the weights. Failed hard. I didn’t want to admit it, but things are realy going south in terms of recovery. Probably need to take a step back.

You see, today I hit the gym for my last workout in the current 5/3/1 cycle. Clean & Jerk for explosive power, bench pressing for upper body limit strength. Now the bench press traditionally is my weakest exercise. To be even more specific about it, I just plainly suck at bench pressing. Never felt too bad about it, as it’s not a very functional thing for a martial artist to do anyways. Still, failing as hard as I did today hurts – at least the ego. The thing that bugs me most is that strength never was a limiting factor in today’s workout. Last saturday I got slammed into the ground with a hip toss and hurt my ribs. Yesterday, I got kneed to that very place. Today, I’m having a hard time breathing – let alone lock out a fully loaded bar after the jerk or press big weights from a supine position. Also, my extremely low-carb diet doesn’t help with strength gains.

Below you’ll find some charts that illustrate my strength development. As you can see, my bodyweight fluctuates wildly, but there’s a clear downward trend. Guess I’ll actually make it to the -70kg division. Definitely going to have some great food in Cracow after the weigh-in…

Anyhow, the only lift that truly improved was the snatch – nearly +20% on my last 1RM test on the best day. Clean & Jerk wasn’t too bad, either, at +5% last week. The grinds – namely the bench press and pull up – are a totally different story, though…

After the European Championships, I’ll go back to doing three S&C sessions per week. Two just don’t seem to cut it. Probably too long in between workouts for optimal super compensation… More on that when the fighting’s done. No point in even thinking about it right now.

From next monday, I’ll do a deload week (3x5x50% 1RM). Not expecting any strength gains here, it’s going to be more like drilling technique and perfecting body mechanics, especially on the O-lifts. After that, it’ll just be technique, sparring and stretching. Nothing but an easy taper. Of course, I’ll let you know how things progress.

So long,

take care

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