Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part VII

Slept for approximately 12 hours – still, when I got up, I felt devastated.Therefore, I skipped today’s scheduled interval training and hopped right into 6 rounds of sparring at the end of my advanced class. Planned on doing another two, but then my ribs were just killing me, so six had to suffice.

Weighed in at 75kg today, yesterday and the day before that, so things are looking good. Guess I’ll make it to the -70kg division. Right now, I’m fuelling up on carbs with some Curry (mostly vegetarian, lots of lentils, pumpkin and potatoes, just a trace of grilled chicken breast) on mung bean vermicelli.Guess I’ll be shocked when I step on the scales tomorrow. Anyhow, my ability to regenerate is badly impaired at the moment, so tossing in a very high carb meal probably ain’t a bad idea.

Sunday is off – as in no training whatsoever -, the new training week starts monday. 22 more days to go – stay tuned for updates!

So long,

take care

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