Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part IV

I hate running. 100 meter sprints are ok, but when it comes to medium distances (i.e. 400 and 800 meters), that’s where it ain’t fun anymore in my book. Of course, this statement didn’t come to my mind without a reason – to train lactace tolerance, we did interval sprints today. We did the sprints on the running track of the [Vienna University of Sport]. You see, Ronny holds a self-defense lecture there, so we’re free to make use of the facilities as long as he’s around. They have everything there you need for a perfect training, and then some of it. Weight rooms, running tracks, swimming pools, a boxing gym, hurdles, … you name it, they probably have it more than once. I’m jealous….

Anyhow, we started off by running 100 meters x 2, with some rest in between. I was rather astonished by the fact I was fastest on both intervals – running has never been my strong side, especially since me knees started troubling me. Obviously, that was the fun part. After that, we did 400 meters x 3, my lap times were:  
1 01:18
2 01:20
3 01:23

As for break times, I rested in between the laps for as long as it took my heart rate to come back to about 130bpm. Over here, we call that concept „lohnende Pause“, which roughly translates to „rewarding break“. It’s usually taught as the way to go as far as extensive intervals are concerned. After that last lap, my lungs burned like hell, my legs were trembling and my heart was beating like a steam-hammer. I felt close to collapse. Interestingly enough, right now I’m not feeling nearly as devasted as I figured I’d be. Then again, it could just be a matter of hours until fatigue kicks in and effectively ends my day…

Ronny took some pictures of the session and I planned on putting them up here. However, my email account is down, so I’ll have to  make this post text-only and make good on the pictures as soon as I can access my mails again.

So long,

take care

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