Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part III

Today I had the opportunity to train with [Ronny]. After warmup up with the [Warrior Workout] routine, we did a lot of technique work and situation drills. Last but not least, we finished the session with three rounds of sparring, plus an additional two rounds of close distance boxing. After doing the specific training, I hit the gym for my second last 5/3/1 session before the fight. Did snatches and pull-ups at up to 95% of my measured 1RM. Since that measure I lost quite a bit of weight (~5kg), though, so in terms of relative strength, those loads were considerably higher than that. Tomorrow, I’ll do 400 meter sprints for improved lactate tolerance. I planned on doing Kenneth Jay’s [15/15 kettlebell snatch protocoll], but injured my palms. Normally I wouldn’t so much as even notice that, but I can’t risk an infection just three weeks before a tournament. Honestly, though, I have to say that I still haven’t fully recovered from last week’s trainnig, so I guess I’ll need an active regeneration day on thursday… Well, we’ll see about that. More training updates soon, so stay tuned! So long, take care

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