Fight analysis: WKF austrian Open ’12 Gabriel K., Light Contact

So today’s installment is dedicated to Gabriel’s light contact fight at the WKF Austrian Open 2012. The out was fought under light contact rules in the -67,5kg youth division. Gabriel fought at a Shinergy[battle] before but in terms of kickboxing, this was his debut fight. Considering this fact and his relatively limited training time – Gabriel first came to my Dojo about 6 months ago with no prior martial arts experience -, I’d say his performance was outstanding.

Now since I was warmup up for my own fight, I haven’t had a chance to take the coach’s role, so Chris worked the corner. From what I heard, Gabriel just implemented every single coaching instruction. Watching the video, I can absolutely believe that, too.

Gabriel’s opponent – who I believe was from Slovakia, while Andreas, another fighter from my team, keeps telling me he heard him talk in bosnian – obviously had some tournament experience. Also, he displayed more than solid technique. In terms of speed, power and technical skill, the bout was very well balanced. At least in the first round.

Carlson Gracie said that „… first punch to the face a black belt becomes a Brown belt. Next facial he’s a purple belt“. Maybe it was said punches to the face, maybe just ordinary endurance issues – anyhow, somewhere along the way in the second round, Gabriel’s opponent lost his punch (no pun intended). From that point onward, the fight somehow reminded one of shooting fish in a barrel.

To sum things up: Gabriel did superbly well against a technically sound and more experienced fighter. I’m proud to call the boy my student. Now, without further ado, let’s get ready to … watch the video footage. Enjoy!

Next up: Andy’s first light-contact fight on the same day.
So long,

take care

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