Shinergy[battle] autumn cup ’11, more video footage

Yesterday I got my hands on some more video footage of the Shinergy[battle] autumn cup ’11. Below you can see Gabriel and Andy, two of my students. Both performed pretty well.

Gabriel fought under Point/Stop rules. That’s pretty much our equivalent to „Semi-Contact“ Kickboxing. The main difference is that, although the fight is interrupted after each clear hit in order to score the point, strikes are always performed with full force.

Andy, despite being 16 years old (therefore officially falling into the ‚youth‘ division), competed in the ‚adults‘ division. Also, he’s suffering from some knee trouble at the moment, so kicking was not an option. Considering that and the fact that Andy faced the guy who in the end won the whole thing, Andy really impressed me (and a couple of spectators, who approached me after the fight).

Anyways, here you go – enjoy!

Gabriel #1

Gabriel #2

Andy #1

As soon as I have it, I’ll post Felipe’s fights as well and comment every one.
So long,

take care

2 Kommentare zu „Shinergy[battle] autumn cup ’11, more video footage

  1. Hiho, very nice video footage, but I have to state, that Gabriel fought against Fabio (I'm not quite sure about his name now, although he is a shinergy colleague, sorry) who is 14 years old and therefore also performed pretty well. 🙂


  2. Hi! Absolutely, he did good. Matter of fact, all of them did, considering they're all pretty new to the game and have never fought before. Although I don't hold any official position inside Shinergy[international], I'm pretty happy with the direction this whole thing is taking. The battles grow bigger, more schools send competitors… already looking forward to seeing Gabriel, Fabio and all the other guys fight again. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to observe quite a development in those folks, assumed they keep it up and attend their classes. They all definately have potential.


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