Fight Prep: T -3 days

When I stepped onto the scales in the morning, I was at 73kg. Obviously, this could be a result of yesterday’s sauna session. Anyhow, I’ve decided to try to cut down to -71kg. Guess that’ll suit my height better than -75. Since I’m on a rather strict warrior diet, I’ve decided against depeleting the glycogen storages (which is commonly done to re-load them before competition). I’ll pretty much fight on an empty stomach, so depleting the muscular reserves probably isn’t a good idea.

As for today’s session, I’m taking things easy right now. While some sweat is ok, I strongly believe that there’s no place for serious exhaustion anymore. I can jump right back into circuit conditioning sessions from monday on, but until then, I can’t risk soreness or fatigue. So today, I basically did what I did monday, minus the sparring. Joint mobilization, warmup, some soft tissue work, some padwork, some situation training. Wasn’t a particularily hard session, neither was is very long. I played around a bit with a technique that’s actually a Kyokushin trademark, the do mawashi kaiten geri. Google it up, it’s a spectacular show-stopper if applied in the right moment. Those could occasionally be seen in K-1 fights. In kickboxing (under full-contact rules) they’re rather rare. Playing around with new (potentially high risk) techniques probably isn’t all that smart at this moment, but then I try to avoid making too much fuss. If entirely devote my thinking and living to that tournament, I’ll take it too seriously and tense up. Hence, playing around helps me keep loose and therefore might be a good thing. I’ve taken a video of today’s session, so you can view it below. Enjoy!

Tomorrow I’ll post again.
So long,

take care

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