Fight Prep: T -5 days

Come Saturday I’ll fight in a WKF full contact kickboxing tournament here in Austria.So, starting today, I’ll post a short summary of my final preparations.

Chris, who’s now also running his own school in Gaaden ( is coaching me. Also, he’s helping me out as a sparring partner. There’s nothing like having a good friend when it comes to preparing for a fight. Not long ago, Chris qualified for the european championships but then tore a ligament and wasn’t able to compete. Obviously, neither was he was in any condition to do sparring. That’s when it became most apparent to me that having a good and reliable sparring partner is invaluable in our sport. Now, however, he’s back on his feet and although he still can’t kick all-out, he’s probably the best training partner I can imagine.

Anyhow, without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s session.
First, I warmed up with my warmup routine, which I’ll cover in a seperate post after my fight.
After some strecthing, I worked the pads for 5 rounds á 3 minutes. Basically it was all about getting a hang for standard combinations I can use in the ring. Now usually I tend to be more of a kicker rather than a boxer, but as of lately, I do best in a mid-range distance, where both punches and kicks can be employed. It’s really not like I’m going to learn anything new in those next 5 days, so at the moment my training is rather about staying focussed.

Since pads training is quite far away from the real thing, I did another 5 rounds of what I call situation training. It’s pretty much a form of one-way sparring where the coach comes up with various standard situations and the trainee just has to adapt. Now this probably doesn’t make much sense for self-defense situations, where literally everything can happen. I do feel, hoever, that any competitor can strongly benefit from spending some time working on situations that are typical for his style. In my case, Chris threw some standrad punches and kicks and had me counter them. All pretty basic stuff, but I had some trouble staying focussed.

Lastly, to round things up, we finished the session with three rounds of sparring. Due to Chris‘ injury, we stuck to boxing, which is perfectly fine with me. Chris had me fight offensively in the first round, defensively in the second, and finally just do my thing in the third. While I wasn’t at all satisfied with my performance during the situation training, the sparring was quite ok. This was my last sparring session before the fight. I can’t risk to sprain an ankle or get my nose bashed in 4 days before a fight. Any injury now would be a showstopper.

Below, you can watch the essence of today’s session. I’m aware of the fact that the recording’s quality is pretty bad. Also, I didn’t spend much time cutting, so I just removed the long breaks. We captured the session from two seperate cameras, so I’ve uploaded both. Enjoy!



Tomorrow I’ll post again.
So long,

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