Shinergy[battle 2010]

Yesterday, the Shinergy[battle 2010], took place. The Shinergy[battle] is our version of a championship. It’s hard, fast-paced and full of action.

As for the rules: The fights are full-contact bouts that are fought in a „best-of-three“ manner, i.e., the first fighter to win two rounds wins the fight. We employ what we call an „action/stop“ system, so every exchange of blows is stopped after a couple of strikes. That is to prevent long clinching and keep the pace high. To cite Ryan McCarthy from the movie „Never back Down“: „It’s a spectator sport after all!“. All kicks and strikes above waist level, including elbow- and knee-strikes are allowed, as are sweeps. Every technique has to be executed properly and in a clean manner, no pushing or wild swinging. The area of combat is an octagonal mat-area with a radius of 7 meters.

Kicks to the head give 3 points, as do sweeps that result in a visible loss of balance. Kicks to the body and knee strikes give 2 points. All hand and elbow strikes give 1 point.

From my Dojo, two athletes competed: Michael in the middleweight division and Daniel in the youth division. Both took medals: Michael took gold, Daniel Silver. I’m proud as hell of both of them.

Although I didn’t manage to capture all the fights on tape, in the following you can watch the ones I managed to film:

Felix (black shirt and shorts) had his first fight yesterday and performed great, considering the technical skill and experience his opponent, Oliver (in white) brought into the fight.

Daniel (black, red elbow protectors) just fought a semi-contact fight at a national kickboxing. His opponent in this bout, Marvin (white shirt), absolutely dominated the sprring competition during the first Shinergy[young stars] battle. After an exciting and very balanced match, Daniel left the octagon as the victor.

After winning his bout against Felix, Oliver was up against Tizian. Great kicks on both sides. Tizian won the fight over but a few points.

Another newcomer, Roland from the Dojo in Amstetten was up against Frank (red shirt). Frank has gathered quite some kickboxing experience over the last months – experience that definately paid off. This was the evening’s first fight in the adults division.

We only had one heavyweight bout between Michael F. and Elias. Both fighters do bring quite some experience with them, but the technical advantage is definately on Elias‘ side. The fight went to Elias.

The finals in the youth class were between Daniel and Tizian. Daniel lost by a couple of points.

After winning his fight agains Roland, Frank (red shirt) went on to fight in the middleweight finals against Michael, one of my guys. Unfortunately, the tape ended before the fight. In any case, Michael won the bout. Here’s what I’ve got:

Conclusively I dare say this was the best Shinergy[battle] so far, at least in terms of organization and athmosphere.

Next year, we’ll transform the whole thing into a league with four battles per year. I’m really looking forward to this.

So long,

take care

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