Rites of Passage, Heavy Day #2

Skipped training on wednesday and saturday. I wasn’t feeling all too well and as I had to teach on both thursday and saturday, training just wasn’t an option.

So today, we did the RKC rites of passage for the second time with some slight modifications.
As always, we started out with light sparring to properly warm up. Today, we donned the MMA gloves and implement throws and takedowns along with the standup fighting.

Afterwards, it was all clean&press again. We decided to alter the system in favor of a more drop-set like approach. Basically, once one of us can’t complete a rung on the ladder, he switches to the next lighter kettlebell. I switched after set 4, exchanging the 24kg ‚bells for 20kg ones. Should have switched after I missed the first rep, but the idea was too late.

Today I experimented with a smarter set scheduling. I set my Gymboss to 1-minute rounds and shot for a certain amount of swings per minute. When that amount was reached, I paused for the remainder of that minute. My sets were organized as follows:

  1. 15 swings
  2. 20 swings
  3. 15 swings
  4. 20 swings
  5. 15 swings

That’s a total of 85 swings in 5 minutes: 5 more than last time with 20% more weight. It’s all in the arithmetics, huh? Next monday, I’ll shoot for:

  1. 20 swings
  2. 15 swings
  3. 20 swings
  4. 15 swings
  5. 20 swings

That’s a total of 90, an increase of roughly 10% compared to today. That should work out.

Wednesday, we’ll give the holistic training thing a try.
So long,

take care

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