Holistic training

Yesterday we did holistic training. Holistic training is a form of training where one strives to improve max strength, mass and strength endurance all in one session. Although there’s various forms of holistic training around, we’ve just picked up the idea and adapted it to our needs. Hence, in our case, our holistic training consist of the three exercises

  • Deadlift (stand-up)
  • Pull-Up (pull)
  • Bench Press (Push)

where each exercise is done for a single 3rm set, a single 8rm set and a single 15rm set. As strength plays an important role in striking, we’ve decided to keep reps at the lower end of the range. 20,30 or even 40 reps in a set don’t seem overly beneficial to our sport, especially as we’re doing high-rep swings and snatches anyway.

To integrate the whole thing into the Rites of Passage program, we finished by snatching a 16kg bell at low intensity for 5 minutes.
Since yesterday we were only probing our limits, I will post our weights beginning wednesday.

So long,

take care

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