Day 5

Today, I had two training sessions.

First, there was rope-skipping. Seven rounds á two minutes with one minute of active rest in between every two of them. Those rest periods were filled by „movement prep“ and „prehab“ exercises from Mark Verstegens „Core Performance“ program. As warmup, I did 10 minutes of joint mobilisation and posture-correcting drills.

Second, I joined a Shinergy class that was held by Chris, a good friend of mine and trainer at my dojo. It was great fun and really helped me loosen up again – I still was pretty stiff from tuesdays strength training session. Although I spared my left foot wherever possible I was able to keep up with everyone in the class, so I’m optimistic for the near future.

In between those two sessions I did about an hour of soft tissue work, so basically massaging myself with a tennis ball. Before you laugh, try it out for some time, this stuff does wonders for regeneration. You can find pretty good information about the techniques here.

Tomorrow, I’ll do another strength session at 9:30Am and go swimming in the afternoon. According to my training plan, I’d be doing a boxing class instead of the swimming. The swimming session would then be saturday morning.

However, I’m going to Venice for carnival and my train is departing just around the time the boxing class finishes. So not only do I have to skip that class anyways, training Saturday isn’t an option either. Therefore, I’ll do the swimming tomorrow and loose only two sessions instead of three this week: the boxing session and one padwork session (Saturday).

Losing two sessions is a lot, to be precise that’s 20% of this weeks total training volume. Considering my long time away from training, however, saving those two sessions this week might actually help me prevent burnout. This way, I can regenerate over two days rather than just one. Hope that’ll be enough for me to be fit next week and complete all 10 sessions then.

So long,

take care

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