Warrior Warmup, 2016 revision

Shinergy is an ever-evolving art. So are our training methods. „If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it“ doesn’t really apply. There’s always a way of doing things in a better way. Of course, you also have to spend some time on things in order to be able to actually evaluate them. So, after evaluating our warmup routine for quite some time now, here are some tweaks to help make it even better –

People usually mess up the bent over t-spine mobilisation due to insufficient hip mobility. Instead of keeping the spine neutral, they’d go into flexion. Spinal flexion plus rotation, over the long term, is no good. Hence, a better place to do this stuff is right after our three – way lunge, with one shin on the ground (i. e. ,  with a fixed pelvis and lumbar spine ). This is a pose many know from yoga.

Also, when stretching the hamstrings from this position in a subsequent exercise, it’s so easy to introduce an additional dorsal flexion at the ankle and reap the additional benefit of hitting the gastrocnemius as well. It’s a shame I haven’t thought of this in the first place.

One of the main health issues in my opinion when it comes to kicking is the failure to brace the abs abs hence avoiding lumbar spine hyperextension. This usually manifests in LBP, especially in spinning kicks. Then again, it’s so easy to toss in a couple dead bugs after the prone stretches and tell people „like that – lock your ribs down while kicking and you’ll probably be fine“. Again, the time investment on this is a couple second while the benefits are potentially huge.

After all that stuff, instead of just doing shoulder bridges towards the end, I’ve decided to make things more specific by tossing in cook hip lifts and bridge escapes. The combination of dead bugs and cook hip lifts is a great minimalist warmup drill for kicking.

This is all pretty theoretical, but there’ll be video on all that stuff soon, so don’t fret.

So long,

don’t get hurt

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