Wieliczka 2016, Part V: Valentin

Here we go with Valentin’s performance at the International Polish Taekwondo Championships 2016 in Wieliczka. Valentin was fighting a marathon that day – 6 fights for a total of 12 rounds! Five of those fights where in the pointfighting (i.e., semi-contact) division, where Valentin lost in the semi-finals and then slightly missed 3rd place. Still, having five fights and going without a medal ain’t a shame – it’s just a sign of the high level of participation in the event.

As you’ll notice, I screwed up with the title in the first video. Well, guess I’m a better at training fighters than I am at editing videos…

 Enjoy anyways.

Semi Contact #1

Semi Contact #1 (2nd Camera)

Semi Contact #2
Semi Contact #3

Semi Contact #4 (Semi Finals)

Semi Contact #5 (Fight for 3rd place)

Light Contact #1

 Light Contact #1 (2nd Camera)

One more fighter to go – I’ll upload Hanna’s fights ASAP and finally have the whole event covered. Stay tuned!
So long,
don’t get hurt

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