Status Follow-Up 2015-11-08

Just a quick follow up on my [last post], where I outlined my plans for my strength training over the course of the next 8 weeks. Here’s what my sessions actually look like:

  • Weighted Push Ups: Do a modified [PTTP] program, i.e., take three steps forward and two backward with the weights. In essence, this means that the weights go up by 7.5kg over the course of a week, and 2.5kg from week to week. E.g., 40, 42.5, 45; 42.5, 45, 47.5; 45, 47.5, 50; … I deviate a bit from a „pure“ PTTP program because I’m resting for just a minute in between sets. Also, I’m reducing weight from set to set. Basically, I guess you could say I’m doing something of a hybrd, staggered [drop set], where I stop when I cannot hit 5 reps on a given set anymore… So it’s rather the „How to become a bear“ program outlined in PTTP. 
  • Front Squats: Same thing here, only I don’t come as close to failure as with the weighted push ups. Safety first. Handstand practice: [GTG] on that one. Just practice some handstands against a wall (obviously, I’m working on NOT touching that wall with my heels, it’s just a support for swinging up), stop when things start feeling awkward or form deteriorates. 
  • [Half kneeling landmine press]: Oh boy I’m beginning to love these. Then again, they’re humbling as hell. The neat thing here is that compensation becomes really tricky, i.e., the exercise in itself forces you to keep good form. I seldom felt the same level of core engagement with other pressing exercises. As for the loading scheme, it’s pretty much the same as with the weighted push ups. 
  • Barbell Hip Thrust: Still no fan of this one. Which probably means I should be doing more of it… Again, I’m doing something of a „how to become a bear“ program, only that I don’t do more than five sets. That’s mainly due to time reasons, really. If five [EMOTM] sets are too easy… well, then the weight is just too light. No problem, I’m adhering to a PTTP-ish loading scheme (remember, three up two down), so that problem will soon be taken care of. 

I’ll insert short clip of what the exercises look like as soon as it’s edited and uploaded. Countdown to Poland is at two weeks – on saturday 21st at 06:00 in the morning we’ll hop on the bus and go rock the [Taekwondo Open Cup 2015]. Rest assured, there’ll be video footage afterwards.

So long,

don’t get hurt

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