China 2013: T-6 days

On Saturday, June 29th I’ll be on my way to China. My girl and I will go there on a 5 week trip, which roughly goes like this:

  1. (Vienn)
  2. (Helsinki)
  3. Beijing
  4. Cangzhou
  5. Xi’An
  6. Luoyang
  7. Deng Feng
  8. Nanjing
  9. Qufu
  10. Shanghai
  11. Hangzhou
  12. Guilin
  13. Foshan
  14. Hong Kong
  15. (Helsinki)
  16. (Vienna)

Obviously, one major interest of mine is exploring the chinese martial arts, especially Sanda, Bagua and Tai Chi. I have to say, though, that going along with strenous wushu training will put me before quite a challenge… Now since it’s the end of the semester,  my academic programm is using up an estimated 36 hours daily. That, in conjunction with my shoulder impingement, kept me from any serious martial arts practice over the course of the last couple weeks. Goes without saying that this didn’t help me get in top condition. Still, yesterday I did some sparring and I guess I haven’t lost it all yet… Then again, we’ll see about that soon enough now, won’t we?

Of course, I’ll keep you posted on this trip.
So long,

take care

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