Reflections on my 2013 China Trip, Part II

 Once again, I'm on my train to Linz for another week of instructor training. Just two weeks ago, I've returned from this years training camp. So, there's really plenty of topic I could post on. However, to keep things at least somewhat consistent, I've decided to finish my [Reflections series] first. Alas, here comes(II/III): Lost … Reflections on my 2013 China Trip, Part II weiterlesen

China 2013: T-6 days

On Saturday, June 29th I'll be on my way to China. My girl and I will go there on a 5 week trip, which roughly goes like this:(Vienn)(Helsinki)BeijingCangzhouXi'AnLuoyangDeng FengNanjingQufuShanghaiHangzhouGuilinFoshanHong Kong(Helsinki)(Vienna) Obviously, one major interest of mine is exploring the chinese martial arts, especially Sanda, Bagua and Tai Chi. I have to say, though, that going … China 2013: T-6 days weiterlesen