Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part XI

12 more days to go, not counting today. When it comes to my rib, I’ve decided to heed Barney Stinson’s avice: „Whenever I feel sick, I stop being sick and be awesome instead„. So, I just stopped being injured and now I’m awesome instead. This almost works…

In any case, I started my day with a sport specific conditioning session – to be precise, I hit the heavy bag and skipped rope. Heavy bag was 5 three-minute rounds, rope skipping another 5 two-minute rounds. Had my new camera with me, so there’s also video footage of the session. If you’re wondering why there’s no warmup then that’s only because I didn’t do any. I was under quite some time pressure as I had to make it to university in time for math class… Now obviously, I could have warmed up with rope skipping, as I did that anyway, but then I wanted to do my technique work as fresh as humanly possible. That’s pretty much my general take on technique – don’t screw up by practicing your strikes in a fatigued state. Enough talking, here comes the video:

After the morning session, I went to university, spent a couple of hours there and immediately went on to teach my classes at the dojo. In the second class of the day, I warmed up with my younger students with another 5 two-minute rounds of rope skipping. Makes a total of 10 rounds for today. Finally, I took the adult class through the [Warrior Warmup Routine], which pretty much corresponds to 25 minutes of Yoga practice. So, to sum up what I did over the course of the day:

Rope Skipping 10 rounds á 2 minutes = 20 minutes
Heavy Bag 5 rounds á 3 minutes = 15 minutes
Warrior Warmup Routine 25 minutes
Total net time 1 hour

Now 1 hour ain’t particularly much for a day, but then it needs to be stressed this is actually net time. I don’t know about you, but that’s not too bad in my book. Tomorrow, it’ll be padwork with Chris (who was sick but is now back on his feet) so make sure to check for updates in the evening.

So long,

take care

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