Way to the TKDI EC 2012, Part X

So let’s start this one with the videos I promised you [the other day]. It’s just the final rounds of sparring, it’s shaky and it’s certainly not in high definition, but it’ll have to do – I’m pretty sure video quality will improve once I figured out how to operate all that stuff…


Since I didn’t have a chancen to do my interval sprints yesterday, I had to make good on them today. Now the trouble is, I don’t have a tartan track nearby. I can use the facilities of the Vienna Sports University each wednesday, as that is the day when Ronny is holding a lecture there. However, I have no intention whatsoever to call Ronny up on a sunday to come to the track so I can run. Hence, I need to find a solution (as you may already suspect, I already did). First off, there’s the [police sport association of vienna], who operate a large sports facility in the 22nd district. This is fairly close to where I live, so I’ll definately check that out in the coming week. Today, however, I chose a completely different approach. Just a couple minutes away from my place is the [Steinitzsteg], a bridge over the danube that was originally built when the Nordbrücke (northern bridge) was restaurated. Now that the Nordbrücke is fully operational again, the Steinitzsteg is used exclusively by pedestrians, bicyclists and the like. Although it can’t really be compared with a proper track, this bridge is relatively plain and more than long enough to do 100, 400 and 800 meters sprints.

The Steinitzsteg isn’t completely plain, but since I’m not a particularly good runner, it’s not like I’m ruining my world record attempt or anything. So, I just taped markers to the concrete at the starting position, after 100 meters and finally after 400. First, I wanted the [Endomondo] app on my Android phone to take care of distance management for me, but sadly, this program just flat out sucks rocks. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, so figuring out how to store routes or set laps shouldn’t be too hard for me. Still, I just wasn’t able to do it. Bad interface, really. I even signed up with my facebook account, hoping this would give me the features I was looking for… which, in the end, it didn’t. To make things worse, there’s a severe lag in the distance display, sometimes distances aren’t updated at all, in spite of the app displaying a „GPS ok“ message.

In the end, after a couple of tries, I managed to correctly measure my distances (0m, 100m, 400m) and marked them with blue kinesio tape. Smart as I am, I fixed the tape to the railing – which happened to be blue as well. This made me miss my first 400m dash, as I just flew past the marker and didn’t stop until I realized I’ve run too far. Just as always, I didn’t take the time on my 100m sprints, as these primarily serve as a means of neural activation. For the 400m dashes, however, I did stop the time and got the following:

  1. ~01:20 (this is a rough estimation as I missed the mark on my first run. Fixed a longer strip to the ground for the two subsequent intervals)
  2. 01:17
  3. 01:18

That’s not great results by any standards, but then I’m not a runner, either. Bit slower than [the last time], though, which isn’t good as I’m trying to get faster each session. Let’s blame the bridge for not being completely plain…

Anyhow, since we all know that Rocky won all those fights thanks to his legendary long-distance roadwork, I decided to append a distance run for another 40 minutes or so.

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved

Ok, truth be told, I really just wanted to take advantage of all that [EPOC] I built up during my interval training, but the Rocky theory just sounded too good not to be told….

I weighed in at 75.5kg before the session, immediately after I came home I was down to 74.3kg. Guess I worked pretty hard after all, huh?
Two more weeks to go until the [Open European Taekwondo Championships 2012] – still lots of work to do. I’ll keep you up to date here, so make sure to check the blog on a regular base.
So long,
take care

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