Poland 2012, #3

Another awesome day at the baltic sea. Unfortunately, I had to skip running due to knee issues. Guess it’s nothing, I’ll be fine again tomorrow. Instead, I went for a bicycle ride with my girl. Nothing out of the ordinary, you see, just taking care of some baseline cardio by riding through the woods for an hour. After that, more swimming in the baltic sea. So much for cardio.

When it comes to strength, today’s session called for deadlifting and bench pressing. Instead of just doing straight sets of 5, I mixed everything up into a mini-circuit that looked like this:

Deadlift 5x 50% 1RM
Pull-Up 5x Bodyweight
Bench Press 5x 50% 1RM
Pull-Up 5x Bodyweight
Deadlift 5x 50% 1RM
Pull-Up 5x Bodyweight
Bench Press 5x 50% 1RM
Pull-Up 5x Bodyweight

Not a lot of intensity, but then I’m right in the middle of my deload week. I went through the circuit three times. In between sets, I took around 30 seconds of rest, sometimes a little less. Completed the whole thing in just under 9 minutes. On average, that’s a rep every 9 seconds. Not bad in terms of density. According to my Polar, I burned roughly 100 calories during those 9 minutes. Extrapolated to one hour, that’s 600 kcal. This corresponds to what I usually burn during a stationary bike session. The difference is that while lots of cycling will make you slow and weak, this kind of circuit training will not only make you bigger and stronger, it’s also more fun. Then again, this probably can’t be done for a straight hours without severe drug abuse…

Speaking of calories, I decided to go with two main meals. Eating three times a day just seems like such a waste of my valuable time to me… Proper breakfast in the morning, fish, chips and vegetables after the gym, some sweet cake as a desert. That’s about it.

Now, it’s time for the single most important regeneration measure in existance: I’ll hit the bed and sleep. If you live in Europe, you’ll probably be doing the same pretty soon, so I wish you a good night. More to come in the next days.

So long,

take care

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