Fight analysis: Shinergy[battle] autumn ’11, Felipe VS Gerhard

So with this fight, I’ll finish analyzing the fights that were fought at the Shinergy[battle] autumn ’11. We’re looking at the bout between Felpe (Shinergy[stadlau]) and Gerhard (Shinergy[zone vienna]). For both boys this was the second fight on that evening.

In Felipe’s first fight, the columbian proved he could deal with brawlers quite well. Gerhard, on the other hand, already proved he’s a decent boxer and strong – if slow – kicker. They say that styles make fights and this one promised to get interresting. In terms of action, this certainly was no dissapointment. Both guys got at it from the start. Kept a proper distance, too – the fight never got slowed down by either clinching (too close distance) or standing off (too far distance).

Over the course of first minute, it looked like this was a more or less balanced match-up. It was easily to be seen that there was a technical advantage on Gerhard’s side, but nothing drastical. However, Felipe got too confident, started brawling and didn’t mind keeping his guard up. As a result, he got knocked down at 01:04. Now quite honestly, that shot would never have made it through anyone’s guard – provided there was a guard. Those hands just have to be up there, period. This is especially true at a very close distance. By Gerhard’s reaction I can tell he was surprised by this shot himself. There was no need for him to apologize to Felipe, though – the battle is explicitly a full-contact tournament, so knocking the other guy down ain’t something you apologize for. Of course, I know the feeling of knocking someone down/out and it can be quite unsettling, especially the first time.

Felipe, being a fighter at heart, made no big deal about the whole thing and insisted on having the fight go on soon as he was on his feet. You see, although the Shinergy[battle] is fought under full-contact rules, fighters can take their time to get their heads free after a knockdown. Wheter this is a good rule or not can be discussed (personally, I believe a 10 count actually benefits the knocked out guy in the long term…), but that’s just the way the rules are. So after all, we interrupted the fight for a moment before having the boys brawl again.

Over the rest of the fight, Gerhard clearly landed the better shots. Unfortunately, Felipe did not get those hands up even after getting knocked down in the first round. This is something we need to work on, badly.

However, in any case Gerhard clearly won that fight. Absolutely deserved to take the title.

After having looked at the fight as a whole, let’s cover the one or other detail. They say that the devil is in the details and I tend to agree.

From a technical point of view, Felipe definately needs to put that leg down quicker right after the kick. An example hereof can be seen at 00:07 in clip #1. It’s dangerous to be standing around on one leg, especially when facing a quicker opponent. Also, just like about every other competitor, Felipe evidently lost the overview over that fight whenever he got punched in the head. An example can be found at 00:10 in clip #1 – head tilts back, any initiative is immediately turned off. I’ve written quite a lot on that topic in the other posts on that battle, so I’m not going to bother elaborating about it again. Needless to say, that guard needs to be improved, too. The head needs to be guarded at all times.

From a tactical point of view, I’d say Felipe needs to focus on straight punches. Those haymakes just take too long and are easily countered on the inside lane. Obviously, from a close distance, hooks and uppercuts are great tools. Under our ruleset, though, this would be where you’d clinch and throw a couple of knee strikes, so the boxing should really be kept to the jab, cross and probably the occasional overhead right.

That’s it – I’ve covered all the fights of the Shinergy[battle] autumn ’11 I’m going to cover. There’s been a handful of other fights, but I have no right to comment of bouts that have nothing to do with my dojo. Really looking forward to seeing my boys perform again at the next battle. Hopefully, there’ll be some competitors in the womens division as well. Before that, however, there’ll be some kickboxing championships for me and a couple of my students.

Also, come sunday Martin will teach an acrobatics masterclass, on which I’ll obviously report here. Stay tuned!

So long,

take care

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