Fight analysis: Shinergy[battle] autumn ’11, Felipe VS ??

Today, I’ll go over another bout that was fought at the Shinergy[battle] autumn cup ’11,

Felipe (Shinergy[stadlau]) VS ??? (Shinergy[zone vienna])

Now after analyzing [Andy VS Pierre], this fight was a completely different game. Felipe (black trunks) had his second fight after [facing Stan] at the last battle. Now I must say he improved quite a bit, technically and tactically. Obviously though, lots of work lie before him still. Can’t say about the other guy, haven’t seen him before. Therefore, I’ll focus very much on analyzing the fight with a focus on Felipe. Before doing so, however, I’ll do a brief gross analysis of the fight and sum up my thoughts in a nutshell.

Little strategy on both sides, lots of hard knocks, quite a few forbidden maneuvers. From the looks of it, I’d say those guys were out for a kill. Definately a crowd pleaser, that one. Having said that, I do believe both boys got better even during the course of that very fight. While the whole thing pretty much resembled a bar brawl in the first minute or so, it became smarter the more technical by the beginning of the second round. To just name an obvious imnprovement, compare Felipe’s guard at the beginning of the first and second round. Both hands are up when round 2 begins, while the lead hand is somewhere near the knee when round 1 begins. Pretty much the same goes for the other guy.

Also, set ups got smarter and attacks more precise during that second round. At 00:46 in clip #4, for example, you can see a perfectly executed lead roundhouse to the body. Although that in itself is an improvement over what happened in the first round, it’s not what I’m after. Nearly every action in the first round resulted in one fighter turning away or leaving the fighting area. Not so here. After that roundhouse, both fighters kept a cool head and maintained a striking distance rather than instantly going to the clinch. Also, I think Felipe dealth with that following rush quite a lot better than with comparable attacks during the first round.

As for a quick assesment of both fighters strengths and weaknesses, I think that while Felipe was both the better kicker and clincher, the other guy definately had the upper hand when it came to striking. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying he was the better boxer. There was little of what I’d call boxing in that fight. Rather, the boys rushed each other head down with flying fists, basically the type of striking you often see in MMA fights. Without headgear and face protection, those rushes would have inflicted some serious damage.

Just as with the bout between Andy and Pierre, we as the officials obviously failed to give the fighters a clear idea of the rules. There was a lot of low-kicks and attempted takedowns, though the former came disguised as sweep attempts.

I already noted that both boys improved tactically over the course of the fight. Therefore, I’ll rather concentrante on more technical aspects in my analysis. Also, since I barely know Felipe’s opponent, I’d rather focus on Felipe. That being said, I think Felipe should definately work on the following aspects:

  • Chin tuck: As you can see for example at 00:17 (clip #1) or 00:48 (clip #4), Felipe often failed to tuck his chin to his breast when being hit, i.e. he let his head tilt backwards. Now I do know some physics and also respect the idea of Softwork, but allowing the head to go with the punch robs you of your sight. You lose the overview over what’s happening, can’t react to the following techniques and in the worst case get knocked out. Hence, tucking your chin to your breast, especially when getting hit, might be quite uncomfortable in the beginning, but in the long run, it’ll save you a lot of headache. After all, that’s why all boxers are doing it that way.
  • Straight punching: Now that one is a no-brainer, really, but those long, outside line haymakers just won’t cut it against an opponent that rushes in. Take a look at 00:38 in clip #4. Throwing straight punches instead to close the centerline and just stop the attack can result in really hard hits or even a KO. Besides, connecting a good straight punch (Jab/Cross) might result in the opponent tilting his head back (see #1) and therefore open a window of opportunity for follow-up strikes. Matter of fact, Felipe succeeded in opnening such a window of opportunity, for example at 01:04 in clip #4. Felipe stops his opponent with a jab, the other guys head tilits back and Felipe finalizes the attack with a big right hand that sends his opponent flying. It’s very much the same thing with an attack, really. Again, take a look at 00:46 – 00:47 in clip #4. Felipe did a good job with that lead roundhouse and tried to follow up with a haymaker, which simply takes too long to be effective. Rushing forward with straight punches, maybe even a WT chain punch, would very likely have proven successfull from that position.
  • Clinch posture: Take a look at 01:26 – 01:29 in clip #4. Although Felipe did a good job with those knee strikes, he got hit with overhead strikes before establishing a solid clinchinch position. You clinch someone who rushes forward you better make sure your hips are far away so as to avoid being taken down while your head pushes into the other guy to avoid being hit. Same thing in the very next action. In 00:10 – 00:12 in clip #2, you can see what I consider a proper head position. Of course, since this was a takedown attempt and one leg was already trapper, the hip position is still quite undesirable.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to do than the above mentioned points, but the martial arts are a way. Just like on every other way, you take one little step after the other and after a while, you’ll be surprised just how far your feet have taken you. Doesn’t make no sense to try to cross the whole distance with one giant leap – you’d probably fail if you tried that.

All in all, the boys did good, especially they both didn’t have a lot of fights before that one. They both showed great fighting spirit and stamina. I think that if they keep it up, put a lot of work into their technique and improve their tactical understanding, both can become really good. But then that’s up to them and their willingness to sweat, bleed and learn of course. There’s no shortcuts whatsoever. Which is exactly what makes the martial arts such a fascinating way.

Next up: Andy M (not the one who fought Pierre) VS Gerhard. Stay tuned.

So long,

take care

Clip #1 Clip #2
Clip #3 Clip #4

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