Down again

On Monday I’ve torn my inner ankle side band.
Basically, the Judo instructor performed an Ouchi-gari, I stumbled and ruined my foot.

Doctor told me it’s going to be 6 weeks out, at a minimum.
Now, I’m at home and can’t even walk to the kitchen or the bathroom without my girlfriend’s help.
The foot is all swollen and blue. Needless to say it’s hurting badly.

I guess that’s it for the British Open in november.
In 6 weeks, all the endurance I’ve built up during the last two months will be gone.
Also, from what I heard it’ll take even longer than that to regain full ankle stability and mobility.

As soon as I can place enough weight on the foor again to walk a bit, I’ll see if I can make up some neat upper-body HFT program. Since I’ll be spending a lot of time at home in the near future due to my immobility, I’ll have the time to put in a short seesion each hour or so.

Obviously I can’t change the situation – being injured – so I have to make the best out of it. Drawbacks are part of the game, I guess. Instead of complaining, I’ll try to see those things as opportunities to learn and grow. In this case, I’ll use the time away from kicking and squatting to correct deficiencies in upper body strenght.

Greek stoicism teaches that there’s no such thing as a „good“ or „bad“ situation, there’s just situations. „Good“ and „Bad“ are measurements of what you make from that situation. A very similar approach can be found in Zen philosophy.

Well, I’ll try to put my situation to good use.

Until then,

take care

PS: The picture shown was added 4 weeks after the injury. Still, the foot is swollen like the marshmellow man.

Ein Kommentar zu „Down again

  1. Hey there,
    I am sorry, that you not feeling that good – your girlfriend told me yesterday that you have a plaster. When you focus on your upper body strenght, does that mean that you also focus to do some „brain workout“ 😉 ?
    Bye, Mirjana


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