Flowing Arts & Hammers MMA Newcomer Challenge Feb 2019

On Saturday, February 23rd I competed in the I. Flowing Arts &Hammers MMA Newcomer Challenge in Corinthia. My fight was scheduled for three, three minute rounds under Aggrelin rules. In this post, I will shortly outline my preparation - which was quite different from what I usually do - and elaborate on the rationale behind it. First, … Flowing Arts & Hammers MMA Newcomer Challenge Feb 2019 weiterlesen

Continuing Education: T36 Instructor Course

In December, before going on [my trip across Florida], I took the [T36] instructor course with [Andreas “Andyconda” Schmidt]. The course was a great experience and, although I’m certainly not fit to teach a full-fledged grappling class at the moment, vastly expanded my knowledge about the ground game. Besides being a great learning experience, the … Continuing Education: T36 Instructor Course weiterlesen