ADCC Austria 2018

Had three fights at the ADCC Austria. The first I won via points, the second via straight ankle lock. Unfortunately, I lost the finals and had to tap to an RNC. Some you win, some you lose. Looking forward to fighting again. So long, Don't get hurt

NMAC kickboxing national championships 2018

The Shinergy Supreme Team was tremendously successful at this year's NMAC kickboxing national championships. Our boys and girls scored a total of eight gold medals, ... Specifically, the four competitors from my gym contributed five gold medals, .... to the pool. Needless to say I'm really proud of my team. Special shoutout to Anna the … NMAC kickboxing national championships 2018 weiterlesen

Thoughts on Strength and Conditioning: Same, but different

I'm still pondering the idea that variation might be the single most important mechanism underlying all forms of periodization. Also, I've come to further move away from power lifting concepts every single day when it comes to training athletes. Truly, the only athlete that needs to high bar squat is probably an Olympic weightlifter. The … Thoughts on Strength and Conditioning: Same, but different weiterlesen

Cutting Water Weight – Competition Day Weigh In

Making weight is and has always been a hotly debated topic in the combat sports world. This article is aimed at clarifying the cutting process. To make the information easier to understand, I've added an example of a successfull weight cut I recent went through myself. In my opinion, cutting water weight should usually be … Cutting Water Weight – Competition Day Weigh In weiterlesen

Concurrent Training for Combat Sports

Introduction I'm currently undergoing the EXOS Performance Specialist certification. In the Exos system, a concurrent approach to training is chosen. I recall Mike Boyle saying in some Episode of the strength coach podcast that his athletes always do concurrent training in hence they always train for speed and strength and condition as well. Now whether … Concurrent Training for Combat Sports weiterlesen