PSTM Conference 2019 – Summary #10

Over the following days, I will briefly go over some of the lectures at this year’s PSTM conference in Wroclaw. These short articles will not be exhaustive summaries but rather a collection of bullet points on the most important concepts and ideas (in my opinion). Today, I cover Marisa Viola’s lecture on your authentic self.

To truly understand your environment, strive to understand the personality types of your boss and co workers. Different personality tests exist, but a very simple classification (such as the Smalley test) can already yield valuable information.

Failure equals change. At least, it offers a chance for change. You’re in control of your own reaction to failure. Success means satisfaction. It is important, having finally achieved success, to still stay one step ahead.

We work in a service industry. Our job is to empower others. Life is not simple and certainly not a straight line. Decisions need to be made. Find your platform to give back to the community – social media, writing, public speaking, etc. 

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