Why Martial Arts are perfect for nerds

I admit it – I’m something of a nerd. Actually, I might be the blueprint of a nerd… I do not play Pokemon Go, however. Why would I? Let’s face it – I’m already busy doing one of the best things for nerds to do.

So what’s the big idea behind Pokemon? To be honest, I’ve never played it, but here’s my limited understanding of the whole thing:

So apparently, you collect creatures, train them in combat so they learn new skills (?), reach higher levels and at some point, eventually, you’re going PVP and actually challenge other people.

Sounds fun, it really does. Here’s the thing, though. I’m already doing all of that.

I’m constantly training my favourite Pokemon  (myself) for higher combat strength. New skills, better stats, … by doing so, I’m also gaining levels in the form of belt ranks.  At this point, I’m a level 50 striker  (holding a black belt in Shinergy and all) and just took a cross-class level up as a grappler (i. e., I’m a Luta Livre yellow belt).

Also, there’s pretty much PVP involved in my everyday life. Sparring, competition, whatever, it never gets boring. Ultra high replay value.

So, if you’re a true nerd, you’re probably better off entering a combat sport. By the way, you’re always welcome to come over and train with us.

So long,

don’t get hurt

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