PUT Opole Open 2015, Part II – Hanna’s Fights

As mentioned in an [earlier post], I’ll be posting video footage of our [trip to Opole] last year. Took me a while, but hey, better late than never, right?

Since Hanna had the most fights out of all our fighters, I’ll start with her. Note that I won’t be analysing anything here – I’ll cover that in a later post, when I have time. For now, it’s just the video footage.

The first Semi-Contact fight was over relatively fast, with the technical KO (10 point difference) coming down just two or three seconds into the second round.

Here goes Semi-Contact #2:

After winning that fight, Hanna went on to the Semi-Finals:

The fourth fight was the finals:

Finally, Hanna did a light contact fight – after all those fights, there unfortunately wasn’t all that much gas left in the tank.

So much for Hanna’s fights, next up will be Chris, so stay tuned.

So long,

don’t get hurt

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