PUT Opole Open 2015, Part I

So over the next couple days I’ll post the videos of our fights at the Opole Open 2015. I have to say, the [PUT] people really did a good job on organising the event, and while international participation was a bit lower than usual, the level of competition was awesome.
What I like most is the non-dogmatic approach these guys take. Most schools offer both Taekwondo and Kickboxing, some also do other styles such as MMA or even Krav Maga. As long as they adhere to the rules, everyone’s welcome to fight. Contrast this with the rivalry and bad blood that dominates the martial arts world here in Austria. For example, I’ve once witnessed all participants of the [WKF] being barred from entrance to the [OEBFK] national championships due to inter-federation rivalry. Needless to say, the level of competition suffers from stuff like that.
Now you could argue that the situation in Poland is different in that there’s no competing federations from the same style involved. However, that isn’t the fact. On the contrary, at a PUT event, there’s competitors from the WTF, ITF, GTF, PTF and potentially a whole host of other organisations. I understand the idea of unifying all kickboxers under one federation to pave a way to the olympic recognition of the sport. Still, I don’t believe that constant grudge and rivalry will take us there. Again, look at Taekwondo being an Olympic event, despite the large number um organisations and federations.
Well, I’m not going to ramble any more here, this post is already longer than I planned it to be. Basically, this was only meant as a teaser to announce that there’s some nice video to be uploaded soon, so stay tuned. 
So long,
Don’t get hurt

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