A new year, a new start

So this is 2016. For me, the year started with opening two new weekly classes in the [Seestadt Aspern], a new „city in the city“ on the border of Vienna. So far, the start went pretty smooth – after three classes, I can record an average of around 14 students in the adult classes.

Now I’m really more of a small-group teacher (classes in [my Dojo] usually run closer to 6 students per class), so overlooking a larger group is kind of unfamiliar. Thankfully, around half of the people in the class are my advanced students, who are more than able to guide beginners through the session and offer valuable pointers and advice. Hence, quality doesn’t suffer. Overall, I’m totally convinced that the hard core of advanced students and the gym culture they live is more important to the learning rate of beginners than the instructor’s work. Of course, it’s down to the instructor to build up that core of advanced students and establish the desired gym culture, but at some point, things develop their own dynamics.

Anyhow, attached you’ll find a group picture we took after the first session. Also, you can find our updated class schedule at [our homepage]. I’ll keep you up to date.

So long,

Don’t get hurt

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