2015 Status update

Well,so it’s been a long time again since my last post.You know, life has a habit of getting in my way when it comes to writing articles. There’s always stuff that needs to be done, rather than written about. And it’s really been a ton of stuff lately…

Amongst other things, the Shinergy[supreme team] competed in the NMAC Bregenz open and scored big time. Also, I took the [T36] instructor course and exam. Both events will be covered in blogs as soon as I get a chance.

Then,  on December 24th I hopped onto the plane and took off for the US. Of course, I have some pictures and impressions to share with you, so stay tuned.

Finally, I’ve been working on some neat combinations and set ups in preparation of this year’s summer camp, so there will be some of that as well.

I’m back, so better renew that RSS feed and watch out.

So long,

Take care

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