Random thoughts


been busy lately. Lots of stuff going on atm. Not in danger of dying from boredom…

Anyhow, I’m experimenting with a new (simple) loading protocol for my S&C training so hopefully I’ll come up with a time-effective, easy to implement in-season routine anytime soon. Which brings me to the point that I’ll define a season for myself and my students. During that season, there’ll be fights. In the off-season, no fights. Simple stuff, really, most other sports have been doing it this way forever. No point in re-inventing the wheel. The whole idea of „constantly being ready for battle“ and whatever not is lame anyways. Yeah, maybe the Samurai thought that way, I would too, if I was preparing for war – but for an athlete, this just doesn’t work out. For the first time, I’ll take my fighters and students abroad for a fight camp come august. Hungary. Lots of sun, lots of training, good food. Looking forward to it. Bought a chest-and-tigh-protector for lowkick practice. Neat, but my (as in „the pad holder’s“) movement is severely restricted. Which for obvious reasons isn’t all that great. Also, I guess the typical trainer in whatever country this was produced is built slightly different than me – around the waist, the belt is far too wide for me while around the thighs it’s extremely tight. Somewhat conjures the image of a bald, small little trainer with a big belly and weak legs… Not so sure about some things I used to rely on when it comes to the lumbar spine, especially in deadlifting and the olympic lifts. Became a fan of lifting straps for heavy deadlifts. Contemplated the sports-specific meaning of the triple extension. My trainer course in Linz is running great, I’ll finish this year in December. With luck and discipline, I’ll have my master’s degree by then, too. Been playing around with high volume, low-to-moderate intensity sparring. So far, so good. Cardio is lame anyways. Had to reduce my own training volume. Now at the end of my second vegetarian week (more by chance than by design). Guess technique might only take you so far when it comes to high class championships fighting after all. Been contemplating that thought after watching the instructionals of a couple of living legends out there… without proper S&C, aggression and mental fortitude all the technique in the world probably won’t keep you from being knocked out.

If this seemed a wee bit confusing and random to you, I say welcome to my world. Just too many things on my head right now to really elaborate on a single aspect. Couple of things I need to get sorted out for myself, not all of them martial-arts or even sports-related. Not even close. Looking forward to a time when I can post more often again.

So long,

take care

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