Thoughts on Combat Sports: Countering the Rear Roundhouse Kick

For me, personally, the rear roundhouse kick has always been a rather difficult technique to counter directly. You see, although I’m originally from a TKD background, the idea of kicking below the attacker’s leg has never worked out for me particularly well. On the one hand, I’m shorter than most guys in my weight class, so my range tends to be limited. Therefore, most times, I just can’t match a good kick’s distance. On the other hand, the whole thing only works if an unoccupied straight line exists from the defender’s hip to the attacker’s belly. Consider the image below, where Chris and I demonstrate the concept:

This counter works by dropping the center of gravity below that of the attacker and then bending the torso backwards so that the attack misses, while the counter hits the lower belly. Naturally, this becomes an issue when the original attack is aimed low, e.g. at the hip or slightly above. Dropping beneath that attack is… inconvenient, to say the least. Hence, I was looking for new ways to deal with the rear roundhouse kick. As I already mentioned this in my [last post], I’m not going to bother and go into a lot of detail here. Rather, I’ll just show you some video we took during today’s technique session (this week’s third technique & tactics session – tomorrow, number four is due, along with the second S&C session.).

My goal is to perfect those two strategies until the [XX Open International Polish TKD Championships] in March. If I can score a single point with one of them, I’ll consider the tournament a success.

Since we’ll finish our current (and last) 5/3/1 cycle tomorrow, I’ll give you a summary of what we did and what we are going to do in terms of S&C tomorrow night.

So long,

take care

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