Thoughts on martial movies: The Green Hornet

Just recently I had a chance to watch the movie “The Green Hornet”. How does a movie make it’s way to a martial arts related blog, you ask? Quite simple – as you might (or might not, depending on your age) recall, the original green hornet starred the great Bruce Lee as Kano. in fact, while Bruce played the role of the green hornet’s sidekick, the show was actually called “the Kano show” in Hong Kong. Obviously, if something can be traced back to the dragon himself, it has every right to appear on this blog.

Now I have to say my expectations were quite low when I read about [TGH], simply because most remakes suck rocks. I was positively surprised, though. The producers didn’t make the classical mistake of attempting to make a better TGH. Let’s face it: you simply can’t take a Bruce Lee show, do a remake without Bruce Lee and hope for it to beat the original. Not going to happen. Not in a million years.
Instead, the film focused on the meta-details, on everything that made [the original show] what it was, in contrast to what it tried to be. Namely, the whole thing about Kano being so much cooler than the green hornet was a major motive throughout the movie. Back in the sixties, the producers wanted the show to picture [Van Williams] as cool, tough hero. Actually, he was rather… useless. [Bruce], on the other hand, had a much smaller role but soon came to own the show. This is one of the main topics in the 2011 remake. Hilarious.
Another thing about TGH is the fact that [Bloodnofsky], the film’s somewhat retarded villain, is played by [Christoph Waltz], the great austrian actor who already appeared in [Inglorious Basterds] as [Col. Hans Landa]. That guy just rocks.
Bottom line: if you haven’t seen The Green Hornet yet, you might want to check that film out. It’s definitely worth the time.

So long,

take care

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