Poland 2012, #5

Took it relatively easy today. Started with a walk on the beach – decided against a run to spare the knees, as it’s squat day anyway. After that, some chilling on the beach as well as some swimming. When I finally hit the gym in the afternoon, I did the following circuit for three rounds:

Exercise Weight Reps
Squats (ATG) 75kg 5
Tactical Pull-Ups Bodyweight 5
DB Presses 30kg 5
Tactical Pull-Ups Bodyweight 5

After each exercise, I took a 30 second break. No additional break in between rounds, of course. That’s about it. Tomorrow evening, there’ll be a rather philosophy-related post about cooking fish. If you’re curious how this relates to the martial arts, make sure to check this page out tomorrow!

So long,

take care

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