Today, I’ve been down all day. I failed at doing even one single repetition of whatever exercise. I’m not exactly sick, but everything’s aching and my body just feels heavy. Altough I’ve already devoured loads of food today, I’m still starving. My motivation to do just about anything is on an all-time low.

That’s all classical signs of overtraining. Seems like my HFT is beyond my current possiblities.

As mentioned in my previous post, training volume has to be put into a proper relation to everyday life. For me, personally, everyday life means teaching martial arts 7 days a week (since my partner, Chris, is taking friday and the weekend off, I have to teach on friday and sunday as well). That is, besides stuying at university and writing an exam or two every week. I spend a good portion of my day on the way, going from one place to the next. That’s an additional source of exhaustion.

Despite the above said, I’ll stick to the plan for now. In any case, the warrior diet is not an option at this point. I’m thinking about sticking to John Berardis „Precision Nutrition“ principles again. That way, I could really fill all those depleted stores. Maybe that alone helps. If not, I’ll have to incorporate some means of active recovery.

So long,

take care

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