Wednesdays are easy

Wednesdays are easy.
Time-wise, that is. If you ever did some kind of HFT program, you’ll know that finding enough time to perform loads of repetitions of some exercise isn’t an easy taks, especially if you’re doing it on top of some other training routine.

Since the idea is to spread the sets and reps all over the day, some times disqualify as training times. You just don’t always have the possibility to do your exercises, even if there’s no need for equipment. Imagine being at university, listening to lectures for 6 hours a day. That’s approximately one third of your wake time – that leaves you with significantly less time to spend on training. Subtract the time it takes you to eat, drive a car or travel by means of public transportation. Substract timespans where you complete tasks that can’t be interrupted – concentrated work of some sort. Also, substract the time you spend on all your actual training. You see where this is going. Your window of opportunity isn’t unlimited.

It gets worse when you’re dependant on any piece of equipment (in my case, that’s my IronGym pullup bar).

Now on Wednesday, I’m taking care of a local school. It’s something I’m doing every wednesday this semester, trying to show those youngsters how to apply martial arts philosphy in every life. The school has lessons from 8AM to 4:30PM, so the head of school decided to have some sportive program for the students as well. Although this is a great idea in my opinion, each lesson being only 45 minutes long poses somewhat of a problem. You see, the kids have to be brought to the gym and change clothes. All of this takes some time. After training, they have to repeat that procedure again and go back to their regular lessons. So what I’m left with is about 35 minutes of training. During that time, I’m supposed to warm up thoroughly, meditate with them, do some technique training and tell them about the martial art’s philosophical side. Well, go figure.

Anyhow, in between those hours, there’s long breaks. One is even about 25 minutes with all the time they need to come to the gym and get dressed. That creates a huge window of opportunity for my HFT training, especially considering where I’m spending my idle time – in a gym. Granted, they don’t have a pullup bar there or anything, but wall bars do just fine.

I’ve attached a short video that illustrates the idea of the HFT program I’m currently following.
Give it a try – it’s well worth it!

So long,

take care

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