Poland #1

Ok, I’m in Warsaw now, visiting friends and family.
Of course, I’ll use that time to check out some new styles and meet fellow martial artists.

On my list are definately Sambo (самбо) and MMA.
On the
самбо side, I’ll meet the founder and president of „Sambo System Polska“, Bartłomiej Mendak (www.sambo.pl).

As for MMA, I’ll check out Paweł Nastulas Judo club (www.nastula.pl). With any luck, I’ll meet him personally and have the chance to talk with or even do some training with him.

Also, I’m looking forward to meeting a friend of mine, Jakub Demuth, a Taekwondo instructor in Warsaw (http://ronin.waw.pl).

Anyway, gotta be on the run right now, I’ll keep you informed.

So long,

take care

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