week layout v2

Due to the high stress levels imposed on the knee joints when running HIIT style, I’ve decided to do my HIIT training on a spinning bike rather than the track. Also, since the boxing class I attend is rather low-impact but highly technical, I’ll do the endurance work directly after the class, friday night.

Basically, I’ll do my HIIT work on a spinning bike, set to moderate resistance. This way, I’ll spare my knees. After a short warmup of about 2-3 minutes of low/moderate intensity cycling, I’ll do 10 intervals. Note that this training is done after a technical boxing class that takes me about one and a half hours, so I’m pretty much warmed up.

Each interval is made up from 60 seconds of low/moderate intensity cycling, followed by 30 seconds of all-out sprinting. Going through my 10 intervals will therefore take me 15 minutes. I’ll try and add an additional interval every week, so basically after 10 weeks my working time will be doubled.

(Image taken from flickr.com, created by: Paul Sapiano Photography, San Diego, USA)

After completing the last interval, I’ll do another 5 minutes of low/moderate intensity cycling as a means of cooldown, to give the heart an opportunity to burn lactate built up during anaerobic exercise.

Apart from giving my a good nights sleep, this will free up Saturnday for flow-sparring and technical rolling. I’ll go into more detail on what flow-sparring is and why it is of vital importance to a fighter in a future post.

My updated week plan thus looks something like this:

Day Morning Noon Evening
Monday Steady state cardio
(Running, approx. 1 hour)
off Technique/Tactics
Tuesday off Technique / Tactics Lower-body power-work
Wednesday Steady state cardio
(Running, approx. 1 hour)
off Technique / Tactics
Thursday Kicking class Upper-body power-work off
Friday off off Boxing class
HIIT cycling
Saturday off off Flow Sparring
Sunday off off off

So long,

take care

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