Event report: Shinergy[battle] Winter 2013

Last Saturday, this year’s first Shinergy[battle] was on. Great fights, great event, Fighters competed in four divisions:Men, full contact sparring, +80kgMen, semi-contact sparring, +185cmCadets, semi-contact sparring, catch weightWomen, semi-contact sparring, catch weightFor a short recap considering the rules, let me summarize the key points:Fights are “best of three”, so it takes two won rounds to … Event report: Shinergy[battle] Winter 2013 weiterlesen

Event report: “Neues von Herz, Diät und Sex”

As mentioned in [this post], I had a chance to attend [Ludwig Bernhard’s] new show “Neues von Herz, Diet und Sex” at the end of the last year. In case you don’t know him, Bernhard, who studied medicine (although never graduated from what I’ve heard – roger that, just checked Wikipedia, he never graduated) considers … Event report: “Neues von Herz, Diät und Sex” weiterlesen