Concurrent Training for Combat Sports

Introduction I'm currently undergoing the EXOS Performance Specialist certification. In the Exos system, a concurrent approach to training is chosen. I recall Mike Boyle saying in some Episode of the strength coach podcast that his athletes always do concurrent training in hence they always train for speed and strength and condition as well. Now whether … Concurrent Training for Combat Sports weiterlesen

Cybernetic Linear Periodization for Deadlifts

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail -Benjamin FranklinEverybody has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth-Mike Tyson The above cites nicely illustrate a dilemma when it comes to S&C training (and Probably just about anything in life, but I'll try and stay on-topic here):On the one hand, you simply need a plan. Not … Cybernetic Linear Periodization for Deadlifts weiterlesen